ESPM 162A | Inequality and the Body: Health, Medicine, Society and Environment

2022 Fall | Tues, 3-6 pm | COURSE #27346 | UNITS: 4

Seth Holmes

This seminar addresses the intersection of inequality and the body at a critical time in the USA and the world. Students consider intersections between the body and inequalities in the social and natural environment through insightful contemporary, theoretically-informed, and classic readings.

Writing assignments explore topics such as social ecology, structural violence, healing and caring, as well as resistance to inequalities in the social and natural environment and in health.

Students also have the chance to employ ethnographic methods while conducting field research; they will be encouraged to explore this primary research through multiple angles and several genres of writing.

This course has no specific prerequisites, although students should be aware that this is not an introductory class, so basic R&C skills will not be the focus.

(Image from the “I’m Tired” Project by Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans)