Art of Writing Team

Ramona Nadaff, Director, Art of Writing
Ramona Naddaff is an associate professor of Rhetoric. Author of Exiling the Poets: The Production of Censorship in Plato's Republic, she works on literary censorship and ancient philosophy and literature. Naddaff is codirector and editor of Zone Books, New York.  

John Paulas, Director of Special Projects, Townsend Center
John Paulas works on the implementation and program development of the Art of Writing. After receiving his PhD in Classics, he taught at several institutions of higher education. He writes about Greek literature of the Roman Empire, ancient Mediterranean culinary practices, and literary and scientific discourse on food.

Irene Yoon, Administrative Coordinator
Irene Yoon, a PhD candidate in UC Berkeley’s Department of English, works closely with Art of Writing leadership and campus community on all aspects of the administration of the program. 


Margaret Crawford, Architecture

Kathleen Donegan, English

Rosemary A. Joyce, Anthropology

Michael Nylan, History

Scott Andrew Saul, English

Susan Schweik, English

Andrew M. Shanken, Architecture

Evan Variano, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Paula Varsano, East Asian Languages & Cultures

Advisory Board

Mitchell Breitwieser, English

Deirdre English, Journalism

David M. Henkin, History

Glynda Hull, Education

Donald Mcquade, English

Scott Andrew Saul, English

Candace Slater, Spanish & Portuguese

Mary Ann Smart, Music

Evan Variano, Environmental Engineering

Kim Voss, Sociology

Rebecca Egger, Townsend Center

Alan Tansman, East Asian Languages & Cultures