Just ChatGPT it!

“Just chatGPT it!” has become a common joke in my friend group as of late. Long essay that you forgot about? Just chatGPT it! Free-response question on your quiz you forgot to study for? Just chatGPT it! Email due to your research coordinator that you may or may not have been putting off for a few weeks? Just chatGPT it!

I’m starting to hate this joke.

ChatGPT, Thinking Chamber or Thought Stopper?

Concerns come when people ask ChatGPT to write an entire essay/script/work, copy/paste that essay into their own document, and edit some parts to their liking. Within minutes they have “their own” essay. This is problematic because it’s plagiarism. And if you want to debate that you can’t plagiarize an AI, then it’s at least not a paper that you have written. It gets an assignment done earlier, but the student hasn’t learned anything, hasn’t really written anything. They lose the essential writing skills that will benefit them in the future.