Call for Summer Reading List

It's that time of year again:  we're coming to UCB faculty, staff, and students and asking for your suggestions of great readings for this year's Summer Reading List for New Students. Check out this year's theme below, and if you have a suggestion, please send the title, author name, and a short description of the book, including how it speaks to this year's theme, to Mike Larkin (larkinm@berkeley.eduby Friday, March 2.

Fiat Lux:  Let there be light...and inspiration, discovery, and hope

As UC Berkeley marks its sesquicentennial, we'd like you to take the university's motto, Fiat Lux ("Let there be light") as inspiration for your recommendations of great reads to share with Cal's incoming classes of freshmen and transfer students. We encourage you to interpret the theme broadly:  what are your favorite books of whatever genre detailing journeys or moments of discovery or inspiration; narratives of personal transformation and insight; or perhaps stories of dark, difficult times in personal or societal history where people found their way to the "light." 

Journalism, fiction, history, poetry, biography and memoir--whatever the genre, what are the readings that would suit the theme, that resonate most with you, and that you'd love our new incoming students to be inspired by? Please let us know, and let there be light...from you. (No pressure.) 

For samples of past years' write-ups by the UCB folks who suggested the readings, see Again, we look forward to seeing your recommendations by Friday, March 2. Many thanks.

All best and happy reading,

Mike Larkin, College Writing Programs

Tim Dilworth, UC Library